Some people begin as performers and presenters; Dr. Cie began doing runway fashion shows  at age 2, with her mother, modeling a line of Mother/Daughter clothing. She progressed into adult clothing in her teens and found her voice in her 20’s. She began acting for television and stage while narrating scripts for Fortune 5000 companies for International Trade shows. By her mid 20’s, Cie worked in comedy clubs doing stand-Up comedy at renowned venues such as The Improv and Igby’s in Los Angeles. As Cie worked her way through university studies as an on-air television host, she affirmed her true passion for studies of human behavior and made her mission to help others to also live their dreams by managing their lives effectively. For over 20 years, Dr. Cie has shared her messages at Expos, Conventions, workshops and on speaking tours around the world. Dr. Cie continues to be a Media Psychologist and has over the years endorsed many health products, having starred in over 100 television commercials.

All Presentations will be tailored to the theme and audience, per desired specifications.

What People are Saying

“On behalf of EWI of Phoenix membership, we are so appreciative of you sharing your expertise with us last week.   I know we all walked away with a multitude of new nuggets of wisdom and inspiration!  Thank you so much. “

Sheila Lehker
Senior Vice President, Cizek Associates, INC.

“Dr. Cie’s presentation gives audiences a chance to laugh at her jokes, and even laugh at themselves or their current situation, sparking the opportunity to evolve.”

Heather Raush
Founder, Foxfire Events

“Dr. Cie has entertained millions of TV viewers and live audiences for over 20 years; her experience emits vast credibility. On stage she is a combination of Dr. Joyce Brothers, Dr. Deepak Chopra and  Lucille Ball.”

Keynote Titles and Topics (Customization is always standard)

  • Decisions Made Easy -The Author of 7 RULES  FOR MAKING DECISIONS explains how anyone can make any decision timely, elegantly, and with strong commitment.
  • Mastering Yourself; How You Became This Way and How to Evolve with Intention -Understanding Your Past Path and Choosing Your Future (a third is coming)
  • Optimizing Brain Potential/Retrain Your Brain Lectures 45 mins. each (partial list of series)
  • Brain Fitness and Neuro Plasticity-Optimize the workings of your brain for a more powerful YOU.
  • Retrain Your Brain -Learn how to powerfully control your brain for the results you desire! Get your mind around its capacity.
  • How to Care for Your Brain-Tips for Optimal Brain Health and Longevity.
  • Retrain your Brain to FOCUS- Is your mind playing tricks on you? All brains short cut and short-circuit; find help for ADD.
  • Meditation: Why & How– Learn to meditate anywhere, find answers within yourself and relax deeply for better health. (Also overcome seasickness without drugs!)
  • Couples Techniques for Better Communication-Learn 3 effective techniques to resolve conflict; it’s fast and fair!
  • Improve your Memory!  Need to store information?   Understand and activate your memory today.
  • Understanding the Functional Brain-Learn practical anatomy of the brain and neuroscience you can use!
  • The Psychology of Television-An American Executive Producer of Network TV shares the creative process, filming, and awarding of the Emmys.

Travel & Destination Lectures and Workshops (partial list)

  • Pack for 1 month “Carry On” Only-Land and Cruise

  • Don’t be a Victim Abroad

  • Be a Visionary and Create Your Life

  • Change Your L.U.C.K.

  • Wealth & Creativity

  • History of Hypnosis and a Chance to Experience the Benefits

  • Finding Your Perfect Mate

  • Underwater Adventures for Lovers of the Sea

  • Socioeconomic Singapore

  • Ancient Civilizations-Aztec, Maya & Inca

  • Pillaging Pirates Throughout History

  • Glaciers and Arctic Ice

    Dr. Cie presented hundreds of lectures in 6 continents and has proven series (groups of talks) for destinations of the Mediterranean, Adriatic, Alaska, and beyond.