Beauty and Truth is a 30 minute weekly show to air on Amazon Prime, Fire TV, Cross TV, Roku, and Facebook. It is contracted for a season of 10 episodes.

The best advertising reps know that people do not buy what they need; they buy what they want.  It is our intention give them the beauty advice they seek, but we will lace the ‘outer beauty’ with ‘inner beauty’.  Guests on the show will be beautiful, famous women, such as Fran Drescher, who is an expert on aging beautifully and overcoming cancer.  Kim Alexis is one of the original Super Models that has graced over 500 magazine covers such as Vogue and Glamour and appeared in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition 6 times.  Kim is not only a model in appearance but a true role model. She will share her beauty and modeling advice, but will also share her life behind the scenes.  Other successful actresses to be covered are Bo Derek, Tia Carrera, Rita Wilson and many others. They will share secrets of their success.


Beauty and Truth will feature trials of the latest products and procedures to make us beautiful, fit and young!

Hollywood’s most famous makeup artists will demo the secrets they use on famous faces.

Facts and fads will be sorted out regarding fitness and diet advice.

Fashion advice from such great designers and experts as Giorgio Armani, Miuccia Prada and Vogue Editor, Anna Wintour will articulate a clear strategy for every viewer at every economic level and gender.

Famous male and female actors will share what makes women beautiful in their eyes. Many words of inspiration will come in every episode.

Host, “Dr. Cie” will share short-cuts to happiness and success from her teachings and Amazon best-selling book, Decide Your Future: Write, Direct and Star in Your Life.

This show will also run on YouTube with embedded commercials (that cannot be removed.) It will run full length-30 minutes.

Our mission is to create 30 minute episodes that will enlighten every viewer to find their own beauty and to feel whole with every episode they watch. Some of what we share will be instant and some will be ideas to create the outer shell of confidence. We will not to be a “talking heads” talk show. Humor and fun will accent every segment. We will encompass body, mind and spirit.